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The Perils of Monopoly in Accreditation

Across the United States, there has been a push for language across Chiropractic licensing agencies that would require “CCE only” approved schools to be allowed for licensure.

CCE= The Council on Chiropractic Education

Be aware, however, that this is NOT in Texas at this time. However, as other states fall victim to this dangerous language, it is important for Texas Chiropractors to understand what this would mean for Chiropractic. There are many reasons why this would be a bad deal for Chiropractic as we know it. However, I want to talk about what I believe would be the most important  issue:

This would give the CCE more authority, in effect a monopoly.

The CCE has made decisions over the last decade that leave cause for concern. One of these concerns is pharmacology inclusion in their literature. Another recent concern is the programmatic accreditation awarded to Keiser College of Chiropractic Medicine.

So, where does this leave the Chiropractic profession? As we have stated to our patients, “One must be proactive here..”.  An entity you may not be aware of that I believe holds promise is IACE.

IACE= International Agency for Chiropractic Evaluation

If we are to be proactive as a profession, we must look 20 years down the road. What will our profession look like if CCE is in charge? The CST is intent on keeping vertebral subluxation as the foundation for what we do as Chiropractors. The CCE, by it’s own actions, does not look to follow this path at this time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if 20 years from now students would exit Chiropractic schools with the knowledge of what a subluxation looks like? What if they also knew without a doubt when they should adjust and when they should not adjust? The level of certainty would lead to a much better communication with not only the lay person, but the medic alike. After all, if we stay in our lane, place subluxation above all else, and become masters of our art of correcting this subluxation, we will be practicing ethically, responsibly and fruitfully.

Keep Smiling!

-Matthew M Mix, DC, ACP

President-Chiropractic Society of Texas


-Check out IACE and let me know what you think!

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