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Chiropractic needs a fresh approach that is grounded on the founding Principles of our profession. More than ever, our profession needs to cultivate its unique identity. We need to make more of an impact into the health and well being of our society, yet we are getting challenged more and more by our detractors. Sitting on the sidelines does not help solve the problems. It takes a level of consciousness higher to solve the problems than it did to create our problems.

Texas needs a committed group of chiropractors intent on achieving an image of chiropractic that our patients and our profession will want to emulate. If chiropractic is to move forward, then we need to move out of a pain-based model of care. To truly make an impact on our communities, we need to reposition Chiropractic as the face and hands of wellness in Texas, and ensure that we are competent in the delivery of this service. Being successful in this enterprise is entirely possible…there are literally hundreds of offices in Texas doing this right now. In fact, you may be one of them.

To accomplish this goal, what is needed is a professional organization that supports principle-centered, neurologically-based wellness care in a vertebral subluxation centered model. While focused on this task, our organization would actively encourage dialogue and action from all chiropractic perspectives but never yield or compromise on the Principles of Chiropractic. We are inclusive, not exclusive. However, the CST would not try to be all things to all people…we would encourage unity without uniformity, centered on the vertebral subluxation detection and correction. The only organization in the State of Texas that meets the criteria noted above is the Chiropractic Society of Texas.

The citizens of Texas are desperate for our help. They need a voice of reason in health care. They aren’t looking for more medications, they’re looking for wellness. As such, there has never been a better time to be chiropractor. There has never been a better time to be a CST member. For less than $8/month, have a voice in YOUR future. We intend to make a difference. To do this takes commitment from all who share our vision. We are growing. We need your help. Become part of the movement. Join the Chiropractic Society of Texas

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National/International Affiliation:

CST has just been enjoined with the International Federation of Chiropractors Organizations (formerly FSCO) whose philosophical guideleines are closest to CST's belief as well