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Chiropractic is..under attack

The search engine Google, used my millions in the US alone to search for information on the internet, is acting maliciously towards the chiropractic profession.

Millions access Google for health information daily. Google has grown to proportions that have literally swamped the newspaper industry across the nation in a  short period of time. With great growth, however, comes great responsibility. Some say Google is attempting to negatively affect the chiropractic profession.

Simply type this phrase in the Google search engine: “Chiropractic is” and see what the Google search engine suggests for your search.

Current results show:



There is no doubt that there are attacks against our profession, there always have been. However, this is not to be ignored. We must let our voice be heard as a profession today more than ever before. Support the Chiropractic Society today. The louder our voice, the more powerful we will be.

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