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Are you Essential?

When writing simple blogs or posts these days, it seems that things are changing so quickly, that I have to preface the information. With that being said, as I sit here early Thursday morning, the Chiropractic profession in Texas is considered, “essential”. What does this mean?

Chiropractic classified as “essential” means that we are useful to the current crisis that is tearing through not only our country, but the world at large. This should not be a surprise to anyone, after-all we have been saying this to our patients (hopefully) our entire clinical lives.

Of course, we are essential, because the nervous system is essential for a healthy life. Right now, more than ever, our communities need us to care for their nervous system in the best way that we know how. This means that we all need to step up our skills so that we can deliver the absolute best care possible to our community.

AND…if we are doing this, our offices should be busier than ever.

Are they?

If your office is not having an abundance of patients right now, it is primarily because of one reason:


Our communities are riddled with fear, they are fearful of that which they cannot see: a virus. The virus can be anywhere, can stay there for a couple of weeks possibly. They are told the virus can be in someone and have not symptoms on that person, and they will just pass it along to you. The fear is large, and the media is all in on helping disseminate this threat consistently.

So, who is going to be the savior in your community?

Who is going to go “all-in” to make a positive change?

Who is going to bring a message of hope, of faith in the power of innate intelligence to heal that which we cannot see?

Chiropractors have all the tools to help our communities. We have the ability to address the nervous system legally and practically. Now is not the time to sit idly by and watch what happens. Now is not the time for us to be fearful. Now is the time for Texas Chiropractors to tighten up the message about what we offer our community, what we offer mankind. We offer hope, because we don’t look for what is wrong in people, we don’t fight a disease, a germ, or an invader. We look at what is right, and offer the individual an opportunity to perform better, maximizing this inborn potential to heal, fight and defend. You see, our patients need to know that this is a time where they should make sure their nervous system is as healthy as possible.

Chiropractors of Texas, I urge you to be the rock in your community for humanities sake. Right now, they need you more than ever.

Matthew M. Mix, DC, ACP

President-Chiropractic Society of TexasSlide274

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