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Society News

  • The Chiropractic Society of Texas is now a member of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (Formerly the FSCO), as of June 2011.  Texas Chiropractic history was made June 12, 2011, in Austin,TX at the Texas Chiropractic Association State Convention.  The post-convention Board of Directors meeting was attended by Dr. Gary Brettmann, D.C., President of the Chiropractic Society of Texas.  Dr. Brettmann, was invited by Dr. Jorge Garcia, Incoming TCA President & Patte Kent TCA Executive Director, to make an address.  Dr. Brettmann called for better communication between both organizations, to put aside professional practice differences between both organizations, and to work together in a unified manner against attacks from the Texas Medical Association.  Dr. Brettmann also stated that it is our duty to advise our Chiropractic Board of Examiners to perform their duties more responsibly, in making decisions regarding Scope of Practice.  This was the first time in over 40 years that either organization directly addressed the other, regarding the good of professional unity with emphasis on political concerns in the state.  The last time unified work was performed between the two organizations was in 1949.  It was at this time The Chiropractic Act of Texas was adopted by the staate legislature, by a group of D.C.'s known as the "Dirty Thirty".
  • Dr. Brettmann has contacted the TBCE to reconsider the hours they have mandated for Medicare Coding & Compliance to be reduced from 8 hrs. to be included in the already allotted 4 Required Board hours, stating that 8 hrs for this material to be presented seems extravagant., Dr. Parker from the Board replied that it will be taken into consideration, however no further action has occured on the boards behalf.